A special note from Ian:

Dear Singers, 🎤

The current world health climate is forcing each of us to adapt our situations. To keep the magic alive and to sing right through Covid 19, it looks like we’re going have to switch our lessons to Zoom for a while. 🖥🎶⭐️

I’ve put together the perfect online coaching setup for you- full studio music making facilities at my disposal as usual, with a lightning fast internet connection, Full HD webcam & reference grade studio headphones to see/ hear perfectly what you’re voice is doing, 70 miles away in my Singing Wizards home studio bunker by the sea. 🌊 🎶⭐️

While each of your needs are different of course (I’ll be customising the approach to suit you personally), generally this will involve you singing to exercises/ workouts/ music files on your home stereos, and me interacting with you face to face via webcam. You’ll be surprised by how well this works ⭐️

The video sessions can be easily recorded my end and uploaded to your dropbox files afterwards for reference in your own practice in between sessions. ⭐️

A further bonus is I have a little more flexibility in my schedule here. (Initially I’m looking to keep my regular Mon/ Tues hours, but can stretch this if it helps your personal situation. Just let me know what works for you..) ⭐️

Hopefully we can all make this work, and I’m sure we’ll be back together making music in Mowlem Street Studios before we know it…

Ian 🎶⭐️🧙‍♂️

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Keeping The Magic Alive – Ian Preston

One-To-One Singing Lessons in London

Ian Preston is a top UK and London vocal coach, with clients on a variety of major and independent record labels (Universal, Island, Domino, Phantasy). He offers bespoke 1-1 vocal coaching and singing lessons to singers of all abilities, from signed artists and touring professionals, to shy beginners and those singing for the first time.

Ian Preston
Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach Ian Preston
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“I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music” – Ray Charles


Teaching, coaching and encouragement to grow, find and free your voice.

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“Music is the strongest form of magic” – Marilyn Manson

Develop Your Style and Sound

Discover the tools to grow the voice you deserve, one that is rich and expressive of who you are as an individual, and in whichever style your heart loves to sing. Singing Wizard provides a full range of services for vocalists- whether you sing Rock n’ Roll, Hip-Hop, Folk, Soul, Funk or Blues.. if you’re a Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, a Punk or Electronic music Artist- you’ve come to the right place to explore and develop your sound..

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Singers Testimonials

"Ian is nurturing and gentle and worked patiently to coax me into finding my voice and present it confidently to the world. This is a gift beyond measure"

Michael Forrest, Electronic Music Artist & Songwriter

Michael Forrest
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Michael Forrest Get Connected

"Ian brings with him a wealth of experience, talent, and a great sensibility. He helped me progress beyond my expectations."

Zoé Barbier-Mueller

Zoé Barbier-Mueller
Zoé Barbier-Mueller Youth

"He brings a relaxed attitude to the studio and is very easy to be around which is great if you are nervous at singing in front of other people, (such as myself!) His enthusiasm during the sessions really rubs off on you!"

Angelique Rombaut

"Ian is great – I am always full of confidence after a session. Very intuitive teacher, good vibes during the lessons, great at encouraging and guiding you to get the most out of your voice. Couldn’t recommend him more"

Aislinn Dowling

"The Singing Wizard is just that! A wizard at teaching his craft. I love all Ian taught me he is an expert at what he does and has really helped my fatigued voice, I sing everyday and it has been a real joy to not get croaky like I always used to. 5 stars for sure!"

Cat Bateman


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