Frequently asked questions

A mixture of Vocal Science, Music Magic and Alchemy are applied to turn base metal (your voice), into Singing Gold. Ian is adept in the transformative arts.

There will be plenty of instruction & guidance in the first session. We’ll be getting straight into it! If you’ve been singing before, we may simply start with a song and go from there. If it’s completely new to you, perhaps some gentle exercises to loosen you up and get you going gently. By the end of the first session there will have been a thorough assessment of your voice, as well as discussion about any goals/ aims you have, and a plan will have been formulated for us moving forward.

New singers are totally welcome and encouraged. We all have to start somewhere. The studio is a safe and fun practice environment for exploring your voice and making simple music together. Ian has worked with countless beginners helping them to get more in tune and confident about themselves and their voices.

Everybody is so different! It depends on what you’re looking for, what you need, your learning style, your ambition etc. I have some singers that have been coming for years, still developing, still going deeper, learning new things. Others that come and go with a quick fix after just a few sessions, and they’re on their way. It depends entirely on you, your voice and your circumstances. The best thing to suggest is that you come in for a session and we take things form there. You’ll quickly know whether the path is for you.

You’re welcome to share your lesson with up to 3 friends.

Yes, with the emphasis on having fun, lots of singing, voice exploration and expression, and minimal technical input. With regular natural singing, children’s voices will naturally grow and mature into healthy adult voices. It can help to have a friendly guide along the way.

It totally depends on what you need, as well as your learning style. We’re unlikely to focus on applying a single “method” (eg Speech level singing) as a one-size fits all solution. Ian draws on multiple threads in his teaching, using advanced modern vocal techniques, pilates, emotional freeing exercises, as well as drawing on his own experiences as a Singer and a musician to guide the student towards their end goal.