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Shaking, wiggling, dancing, bopping, grooving, making shapes, swinging, shaking your ‘ass. Nothing helps the voice quite as much as a dynamic, free, rhythmically engaged body. Loose off tension, stretch out all the tight spots- it really works! It can take some practice at the beginning- especially if you’re not used to moving so freely, as many of us aren’t. Years of static posture habits can leave our bodies, and voices, a bit stiff, rusty, awkward. But we gotta shake that off! Move the shoulders, swing the hips, throw your arms around, enjoy yourself, let it go!

Sometimes in our singing lessons, we’ll give you some special moves that you can practice to help you loosen up and help you to find your voice-body connection. This can include rotation, rolling on the floor, stretching using a resistance band, simple rhythmic steps, all combined with learning how to hold your body right when you sing. If you’re involved in a Yoga class, Pilates, regular gym, or anything that aids flexibility and promotes free, dynamic body use, this can help too.

But nothing quite beats dancing for helping you find your groove, free up your voice, and lock your voice into ultra tight rhythmic snap and timing. The best singers move!