Ian Preston recording vocals into a ribbon microphone


Our world music culture is blessed to be endowed with a rich catalogue of recorded music, and it remains a wonderful art form. The process of getting the perfect take, finding the right combination of sounds & styles, it’s beautiful. Afterwards, a Vinyl pressing, CD, or MP3- something tangible that you can play over and over, in certain moments, share with friends, even publish on the internet or take the traditional route via record labels.

For vocalists, recording demo’s is a key part of the development process with Ian. We record and listen back in the studio together, discuss and hear what we can improve on. It’s always interesting hearing ourselves objectively for the first time. It’s also a great way of tracking progress, by comparing early recordings with later ones. Finished demos can be uploaded to somewhere like Soundcloud and shared with peers for some quality feedback. (And if we happen to get a really hot recording, might even make it onto my website!)

If you’re an Artist that that needs a vocal recording for your album/ single/ ep, you can do that here, full recording facilities (microphones, outboard gear etc) are available- and you can take advantage of getting your perfect takes tracked with a professional vocal coach producing you.

For developing singers that don’t have a band, or don’t play an instrument, we can build you tracks from the ground up, finding you a unique sound & style along the way.


"Music is the emotional life of most people"
― Leonard Cohen

Zoé Barbier–Mueller – Youth
David Owen Morgan – Acrobat
Joshua Fry – Buona Sera
Eliza K – River
Miriam Lantsbury – Guiding Light