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Songwriting is one of the most rewarding things to get into. For both ourselves, and others. Have you ever been moved by a song, or by a singer, who somehow found a way to express something that you feel, but perhaps had never expressed (or expressed that way) before? It’s one of the most beautiful ways to turn our inner experiences into outward expression, through poetry and song.

You don’t need to know music to write songs- the place it comes from is an authentic part that we all have. But it does help if you can join with a musician though..  Ian is an experienced songwriter, and will help you turn your lyrics, melodies, thoughts, ideas, into fully fleshed out songs. From nowhere, suddenly can be born the most wonderful creations…

Singer in the studio writing lyrics with guitar

“Songwriting is my way of channelling my feelings and my thoughts. Not just mine, but the things I see, the people I care about. My head would explode if I didn’t get some of that stuff out”  Dolly Parton

Folk Singer in the park writing a song

A songwriter writes songs all the time, whereas just writing a song can be done by anyone, anytime.” Bryan Adams


  • Experiment with song/ lyrics ideas- with Ian playing guitar/ piano (or throwing beats around, trying out synth sounds etc)
  • Dictaphone jam sessions where all ideas are captured on the fly- build up the songs in stages, refining as we go.
  • Unlock a different area of your voice. For many beginner singers, songwriting helps you to find your own style vocally- as you start to really connect with the songs that you are singing, because they come from your own heart.
  • Record professional demos of your songs, or even fully produced, release ready material with Ian in the studio. Ian has a great network of musician friends that might be able to add something to your recording- live drums, strings, backing vocals etc. Whatever the song needs!

Songwriting Sessions

Everybody comes to songwriting in their own way. Sometimes people will have written lyrics that they’d like to turn into a song (but don’t know how). Other times, people might have a melody that they can ‘hear’ inside their heads, and just need a way of getting out. At other times, there may be nothing there, but the process of improvisation can suddenly unlock a piece of a magic, and a new song creation can appear seemingly out of nowhere!

Ian is an intuitive musician, songwriter and coach and will help you to find your way of writing; encouraging and giving constructive feedback every step of the way.

Male singer songwriter penning lyrics with headphones on

“Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It’s something I don’t feel like I really control”  Tracey Chapman

Guitar Head and lyric notebook

“Singer-Songwriters are a gift to the world. They create music that speaks to our hearts, our souls, our whole being. Creative geniuses is what they are.” Stephanie Lahart

How to Book

You can either book online, or if you’d prefer to touch base first, just drop Ian a message via the contact forms on the website. Let him know a little about what you’re looking for- and you’ve got any recordings of your singing, or vocal ideas, or just a sheet or two of lyrics- feel free to send them over. Also if you could provide your general availability, then Ian can get back to you with any further questions and to arrange a time for a first session together.

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