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Singing is of course about passion and self-expression. With that said, when we break the technical aspects of singing down to its physical components, we find there is much to learn that can help us to express ourselves more effectively. For example- learning proper breath support can really help us connect and unleash our vocal power, not to mention helping us to remain grounded and balanced when we sing.

Properly exercising our full range enables often underused musculature to grow and develop. Sometimes simply brightening, or darkening our tone can make it more pleasant to the ear. If we’re having trouble with pitching- we can improve this too.

Generally speaking, an alive, dynamic, expressive voice will spring naturally from a free, strong & flexible body. Exercises with Ian will often involve both physical and vocal- teaching you to link the voice to the body.

Every singer is different, and every body is different. Vocal technique will be tailored specifically to you and your needs, and most especially what you want to sing.

rock singer belting out a tune on stage

“Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it.” Leon Trotsky

diaphragm and lungs graphic

“Remember… you are expressing the technique, not doing the technique.” Bruce Lee


  • Breathing– learn how to give proper breath support to the voice. Breathing right, relaxed, and supporting ‘from the diaphragm’, makes singing a pure pleasure. Get the foundations right, and let tensions melt away.
  • Musicality – sing in tune, comfortably & easily. Iron out any pitching issues you may have- develop confidence in your musical ability.
  • Tone – explore and discover a range of tones & colours for your voice- to help you sing any style you wish.
  • Range – access the full range & power of your voice- many people are surprised by how high, or low, they can really sing.
  • Body – “The voice is in the body”. Free the voice by accessing an alive, flexible and dynamic body posture.
  • Exercises – Receive individually tailored exercises for your home practice. You will have your own Dropbox file that will be topped up on a regular basis, including any music tracks we build for your repertoire, and any recordings we make of you in the studio.

Lessons / How it works

1-1 sessions with an experienced vocal coach ensures delivery of the appropriate technique to you in a way that is specialised & tailored to your needs, goals and learning style.

The Singing Wizard has a full “magic book” of tips and tricks that can help you grow and unlock your voice. Apart from any specialised fixes, the sessions will usually include plenty of vocal exercises that will stretch and develop your full range.

You’ll be provided with customised workout routines that you can further practice at home. You’ll discuss with Ian ways of developing your own practice, as you move at your own pace towards your goals.

full size upright piano in the studio used in singing lessons

“The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.” Pablo Casals

upper body singing posture

“The value of music is not dazzling yourself and others with technique.” Herbie Hancock

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For more vocal technique, tips, insights, advice on singing & music related topics, check out the Blog.

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