Female singer-songwriter performing in the studio with guitar and vocals


Start your journey in a safe, non-judgemental and totally fun musical environment. Explore and grow your singing voice, singing the songs you love from Day one. Any issues or doubts will be addressed, then allowed simply to melt away as confidence in the technique grows. “Can anyone sing?” Of course. Everyone can pitch their voices to music and express themselves- it really is your birthright! If you need help getting off the ground- you’ve come to the right place. Ian is an understanding, knowledgeable and empathetic coach who has helped countless beginners grow in confidence and find their sound.


  • Overcome doubts & limiting beliefs. Grow confidence in your voice, and in yourself.
  • Sing the songs you love from Day One.
  • Build repertoire with a song folder.
  • Sing with backing tracks or make live music with Ian accompanying you on guitar or keys.
  • Learn basic vocal technique, breathing, support, with fun exercises to get you on your way.
  • Practice at home with tailor-made exercises especially for you.
  • Develop your musicality.
  • Record demo’s in the studio- listen back & find new ways to improve your sound.
  • Confidence coaching- develop the right mindset for singing.

Already performing, or want to perform but struggling with confidence? Need to know how to prepare right? Perhaps you’ve spent years developing your instrument & songwriting, but left the voice behind, and you don’t feel good about it? Want to figure out how to get to the next level, explore what other options might be available to help you hone your sound (and your art)?. Or something else? Get in touch and let me know what you need.


  • Understand good vocal practice- get you on the straight and narrow so voice matches instrument/ playing skills.
  • Build further confidence in your style- understand and explore further what makes you unique, stand out from the crowd. Hone your sound. Find that ‘something extra’ for your vocals.
  • Professionally record the vocals for your new record. Ian can produce for you and help you get the perfect vocal take, and knock-out sound.
  • Performance and confidence coaching. Learn to hit the stage fully “in the zone” & ready to do what you do best, (without fear biting at your ankles and pulling you down). Embrace & love stage singing performance!

Need to get in shape for an upcoming tour? Or perhaps you’ve developed some bad habits, after the rigours of nightly singing on the road? Any finer technical points you need addressing- or maybe you just want to develop a new relationship with a supportive coach, one who can adapt to your needs and come up with a tailored programme for keeping your voice in shape? Ian is experienced working with industry professionals, musicians & singers- your discretion is assured.


  • Receive a thorough, full-range vocal workout- keep your voice ‘in trim’/ get in tip-top shape.
  • Learn a tailor solid warm up routine, so you can hit your shows on fire from the beginning.
  • Learn good vocal health techniques to preserve your voice.
  • Fix any faults or issues with your voice- straining perhaps or hoarseness?

"Music is the strongest form of magic"
― Marilyn Manson

"Music is the strongest form of magic"
― Marilyn Manson