Once upon a time, a boy grew up without a voice. He really couldn’t make a sound. He listened to the music of Roy Orbison, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Cohen, Axl Rose, Joni Mitchell, but could only dream of sounding as magical..

One day, whilst wandering in the forest, he came across a strange hut with a smoking chimney. He knocked three times, and a Wizard opened the door. The Wizard beckoned him in, a twinkle in his eye. Once inside, he gave the boy a magic potion to drink.

Suddenly the boy started singing. The wizards face lit up. The boy carried on singing all the way home. All the birds and animals in the forest joined with him along the way. When he got to his village, he was still singing. The people of the village couldn’t believe it was really him, the same shy boy who grew up without a voice.

They had a whip- round, and sent him to a recording studio to make an album. To promote the album he went on tour, and all over the world people pay to hear him sing. Now nobody remembers he was the boy who made no sound, and he lives happily ever after, in the forest, in a wizards hut of his own.

Female Stage Singer with Band


  • Singing Wizards mission is to coach, guide, inspire, support and empower singers on their unique pathways of self actualisation, through discovery and refinement of their vocal “magic”.
  • To celebrate creativity, personal freedom of expression and exploration of passion through music and voice. To free voices, remove blocks, bust doubts and fears.
  • To protect & guard the light of self-expression, beauty and music, art & creativity in our culture, to help keep it glowing through the darkness of the world.
  • Singing Wizard provides the antithesis of competitive popularity singing a' la X-Factor- and the homogenisation of talent for the purposes of selling product.
  • To help restore a “Singing Culture” in our Community. To connect Singers with audiences, to encourage sharing of our voices and talents within our communities.

Ian Preston

Ian has been coaching singers in London for over 10 years, helping people to free their voices & express themselves in song. The process of transformation his clients undertake still astounds him.

He first studied with Angela Caine at Voice Gym, where he learned the philosophy that the ‘voice comes from the body’- a free, flexible & strong body providing the physical platform for a dynamic & exciting voice. He further studied & mentored with Jenny May in London, developing a comprehensive modern working knowledge of the voice, and developing teaching & coaching methods to translate theories into practice.

He believes in the uniqueness of the individual, and seeks to unearth the soul & depth of the voice, whilst always keeping things as simple as possible. We each have a story to tell, and its in finding & singing this story, & helping to unearth it in others that most fascinates him.

Ian is a musician, a singer-songwriter and producer in his own right. He has appeared on stages across London, from the Windmill in Brixton, to the Slaughtered Lamb in Soho. He has promoted & run showcase music nights, and has run his own recording studios in Brighton, Castle Cary, Bermondsey, Hoxton and Crystal Palace.

“Music is the strongest form of Magic”Marilyn Manson

The Studio

Noatune Studio C

Sessions are held in a purpose built recording studio in the heart of London Fields, in a community music studio recording complex. The studio is fully soundproofed with optimised acoustics, and a world class signal chain for recording vocals permanently setup.

The studio is beautifully designed with a very comfortable, and vibey Scandinavian aesthetic. There is a guitar & keyboard available for live music making, tea & coffee of course, and a comfortable sofa if you need a few moments off your feet!

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East London Studio Address:

Noatune Studios,
Netil House,
1 Westgate Street,
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