Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach Ian Preston

“Ian is great – I am always full of confidence after a session. Very intuitive teacher, good vibes during the lessons, great at encouraging and guiding you to get the most out of your voice. Couldn’t recommend him more” 🙂

Aislinn Dowling

Ian is a great and very patient teacher! He taught me how to strengthen my vocal cords and how to be more confident. He brings a relaxed attitude to the studio and is very easy to be around which is great if you are nervous at singing in front of other people, such as myself.
He has pushed me out of my comfort zone and his enthusiasm during the sessions really rubs off on you! I always leave the studio with a smile and some newfound awe of Ian. He truly is the best teacher you could have. I’m already looking forward to our next session…

Angelique Rombaut

“Ian is a very patient teacher who would identify your areas of strength and help you further develop them while working through your weak and problem areas, all in a very friendly and supportive environment. You would also have the opportunity to record therefore listening to your own voice, objectively evaluate your own progress and gain more confidence as a singer. I now feel more comfortable and confident with my voice, which I never have before. I strongly recommend Ian as a teacher.”

Eliza K

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ian since 2013 – he’s just an amazing teacher! He really does understand what can be done with your voice and gets the best out of it. I am now able to sing songs I never thought I could, thanks to Ian’s individual training schedule and fun way of teaching the right technique. I’ve been travelling to London once a month just to meet Ian in his studio for a great 2 hour session that I wouldn’t want to miss once!

Simone De Nauw

I came to Ian with very little confidence in my voice and a lot of emotional baggage, and he has taken me on a great journey helping me to tackle the mental, emotional and physical blocks that have been necessary to find my voice. He is generally nurturing and gentle, hard working and generous with his time. I have been impressed by the way his holistic approach has taken us beyond even the voice and the body – we’ve even been getting into some stage performance coaching and invaluable artist development stuff recently. He has worked patiently to coax me from being withdrawn and protected and I’m starting to feel I can confidently present my voice to the world. This is a gift beyond measure.

Michael Forrest

Can’t thank Ian enough for giving me back my confidence in my voice and introducing me to new techniques and exercises to develop my range and sound. Ian is a great coach to work with, friendly and professional without any pretence or agenda. I would always leave my singing lessons feeling refreshed and excited, they were very productive times.

Aislinn Dowling 2

Ian’s style is relaxed, non-judmental, supportive and fun. He helped me tune in to my body’s way of naturally singing, without force, helping me unlock areas of my voice I’d never used before. Ian is a sensitive teacher and a good listener so was able to tune into what I needed to help me move to the next stage. This was to relax and enjoy my singing, which he helped with by leading me through fun exercises. My favourite part was when we made music together which really helped me focus on the good stuff and less on all the things I was doing wrong! Heartily recommended.

Jenny Oliver

Ian brings with him a wealth of experience, talent, and a great sensibility. He helped me progress beyond my expectations and I happily recommend him!

Zoé Barbier-Mueller

Ian’s vocal lessons are my ‘secret sauce’. He has a real expertise about the voice. Great guy, would recommend heartily.


I have been learning singing and songwriting with Ian for several years now. I’ve gone from under skilled and under confident to resourceful and capable. I could not be doing what I’m doing now with my music without Ian. His sessions have done so much for my soul and well-being.

Dannie Lu-Carr

Ian’s a genius. I couldn’t sing and was frightened as a kitten of singing and now, with Ian’s kind intelligent help, I’m not Freda Mercury but I am thousands of times better and really enjoying the lessons.

Paula Smith

Amazing and very professional teacher, who helps you to improve yourself and dedicates time and knowledge to you with passion in what he does.

Klary (Facebook Review)

Such a great coach, has helped me with technique and confidence and I’m singing again ?

Miriam Lantsbury (Facebook Review)

Ian is such a supportive vocal coach who has helped me develop my vocals more than I could ever have imagined and motivate me along the way. He is so patient and has given me so much confidence. Would definitely recommend!

Shazad Iqbal (Facebook Review)

Ian was really really good! Definitely knows his stuff and he is a super expert! Helped me from ZERO experience and I will DEFINITELY get more lessons from him! Very friendly and patient too, which is really helpful and extremely experienced! Thanks Ian!

Wolfgang K (Tutorful Review) 4th June 2019

Friendly. Joyful. Wonderful vocal coach and working in a studio setting. 5 stars. Highly recommended!

Jirapon M (Tutorful Review) 11th June 2019

“When I started having sessions with Ian I hadn’t sung for some time and had lost a lot of confidence. Ian has a wealth of expertise and clearly adapts his approach to suit the individual. He is gentle and affirming but has also challenged me to try new singing styles, increase my range etc. He is an excellent coach and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I’m really enjoying singing again.”

Miriam Lantsbury

The Singing Wizard is just that! A wizard at teaching his craft. I love all Ian taught me he is an expert at what he does and has really helped my fatigued voice, I sing everyday and it has been a real joy to not get croaky like I always used to. 5 stars for sure x x

Cat Bateman

“I’ve been singing for years but only when I’ve met Ian with few lessons I was able to understand my voice better and achieved a more consistent vocal performance. Discovering my true sound!”

Alessandro Benetazzo

Learning to sing with Ian has been an amazing experience. Ian’s mix of focusing on technique and also having fun with singing whilst improving my technique has been great. Ian has tailored his approach to suit where my voice is and what I enjoy singing, whilst pushing and encouraging me to achieve more than I would have thought possible. It has increased my confidence in my voice as well. Working with Ian has been a wonderful journey – I can whole-heartedly recommend him!

Sarah Templey

As a complete novice to performing, I was initially apprehensive about singing in front of a stranger but Ian’s teaching style put me at immediate ease. Learning to control my breathing has given me a new-found singing confidence and the daily exercises he gave me have strengthened my voice hugely. In just 5 singing lessons I feel like I now understand how to make the best of my voice.

Amy Boyle

Ian’s a fantastic and friendly singing teacher who, (unlike my previous teachers), allowed me to break out of my shell and learn to find my voice in a comfortable and fun setting. Would highly recommend him.

Marty Snow

I immediately felt more confident in my voice and in my ability to sing in front of others. Having only ever sung in front of a couple of friends before, I’m now happy to sing in front of anyone- and after just 4 singing lessons with Ian I performed my first gig. Ian’s holistic approach to voice training has greatly benefitted me and is a lot of fun! The lessons are perfectly tailored to my strengths and weaknesses.

Jon Crook

I have had so much fun learning with Ian and have gained lots of confidence and control in my singing. Being in a touring band singing every night, its easy to strain your voice. But after working with Ian & learning new techniques to stay healthy, I have been able to perform each night without worry or pain, which is a huge relief!!

Jenny O’Neill

Ian changed the game for me. Turned each breath into a Gale. Continues to open my eyes on recording and performance. Good medicine. Better than therapy.

David Owen Morgan

I have been taking singing lessons since November and I improved so much.
Ian is a very kind and professional teacher who helps you to find out your vocal problems and then he works with you to try to fix them, and he really does it. He spends much time in what he does and he does it with great passion and dedication, so I really recommend him to everyone. 5 stars are not enough, thank you Ian.


Cannot recommend Ian highly enough. I had no experience when I started with him felt I was really out of tune (though he said I wasnt too bad) I’ve just had my 7th lesson ( so only a couple of months in) and this week I feel like I’ve now noticed a massive difference in my voice whilst I am practicing. Ian is so lovely and makes you feel really comfortable, he patient too I’ve struggled getting a few things and hes been really supportive helping me get there in the end. I really look forward to my lesson each week.

Charlene Richardson

Love Ian to pieces, he’s helped me soooo much. Such a fab, patient, encouraging teacher. Definitely recommend.

Charlene Richardson (Facebook Review)

I am playing guitar for a long time now but just lately i started to sing and play songs. I quickly felt that my voice was lacking expression though. Also some of the songs seemed to be too high for me, so i thought maybe a teacher can help me with that, I was lucky to find Ian P. through his website. I booked six lessons. He helped me a lot to improve my understanding of singing techniques, the importance of breathing and the importance of finding the proper songs. He is a very good listener and was able to give me constructive critique of my performance. That is important for me for two reasons. Firstly because i hear myself differently than somebody else. Secondly, but as important, was the possibility to talk with Ian about my singing. In normal life, unless they are singers themselves, people are not able to give you that kind of feedback. I think i made a lot of progress with my singing and feel much more confident now. I can also see that there are a lot more things that i have to learn. I am looking forward to that!

Ralf Bokelberg

Ian is a true artist and a good singing coach. He uses a range of techniques to extend your vocal range and help you gain confidence. He will also help you perfect songs in great details, which is what are appreciated with him. Classes in London are also in a real studio.

Pierre R [Tutorful Review] 22nd April 2019

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