Studio recording session with female vocalist wearing headphones and singing into a condensor microphone.

Vocal Technique

  • Breathing– learn how to give proper breath support to the voice. Breathing right, relaxed, and supporting ‘from the diaphragm’, makes singing a pure pleasure. Get the foundations right, watch tensions melt away.
  • Musicality– sing in tune, comfortably & easily. Iron out any pitching issues you may have- develop confidence in your musical ability.
  • Tone– explore and discover a range of tones & colours for your voice- to help you sing any style you wish.
  • Range– access the full range & power of your voice- many people are surprised by how high, or low, they can really sing.
  • Body– “The voice is in the body”, one of my favourite sayings. Free the voice by accessing an alive, flexible and dynamic body posture.
  • Exercises– Receive individually tailored exercises for your home practice. You will have your own Dropbox file that we will top up on a regular basis, including any backing tracks we build for your repertoire, and any recordings we make of you in the studio.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable" ― Ludvig Van Beethoven